Updated: 21-Apr-2024

Finding Build Date Code

The build/production date code, or PKN for short, can be found in three locations, as shown below.

1979 to 1990

1979-1980 VIN decals on the door jamb do not contain the PKN.

1991 to mid-1992

mid-1992 to 1993

PKN Translation

Determining Build Date

To determine your Cabriolet's build date, download the instructions corresponding to your car's model year. The model year is determined by the VIN, not by registration, title, or calendar year. For 1981-1993 cars, the model year is the 10th digit in the VIN. For 1979-1980 cars, the model year is the 3rd digit in the VIN.

Note: Production cycle is August to July. This means that any car manufactured between August and December is the next year's model. For example, a Cabriolet produced in November 1985 is a 1986 model year car. The exception to this is a pre-production car that is manufactured at the end of the cycle for the following model year. For example, a Cabriolet produced in April 1989, but is a 1990 model year car with L for the 10th VIN digit. These pre-production cars were used for testing, promotions, advertising, etc.