Updated: 11-Jul-2023

Quick link: HVAC vacuum diagram

Black Balls on Hood

HVAC vacuum reservoir

The black thing is a vacuum reservoir for the A/C system since the system works via vacuum pressure rather than via cables. In conjunction with the check valve, the reservoir retains vacuum in the HVAC system so that the vent flaps remain open under periods of low engine vacuum. A/C cars have 3 vent flaps to operate (separately or in combination with each other depending on the setting), compared to non-A/C cars' 1 vent flap.

newThe position and orientation of the reservoir as installed at the factory is seen in the photo above/at right.


HVAC Guide: Components, Control Functions, & Troubleshooting (A/C-equipped cars): HVAC Download

Help Icons No AttributionOnly Cold/Fresh Air is Coming out of Side Vents

That's how the system was designed. See above. To modify the side vents to output heated air, see the DIY Guide link in the menu.

Help Icons No AttributionNo Air out of Center Vent

Help Icons No AttributionNo Heated Air out of Center Vent

Help Icons No AttributionOnly Heated Air out of Center Vent

HVAC Controls

Cars with Air Conditioning:

Please download the HVAC Guide for complete explanations.

Cars without Air Conditioning:

HVAC controls without A/C

Blower Fan

Help Icons No AttributionThe Fan Works on Only 1 or 2 Settings, or Does Not Work at All

The fan motor is worn out, the fan switch is faulty, wires are faulty, or the resistor is faulty. Consult the Bentley Service Manual for repair information. Also see this thread and/or this thread on VWvortex for further information.

Help Icons No AttributionBlower Fan Does not Work on Speed 4

Retrofitting A/C into Non-A/C Car

Even though A/C was an option, in the United States non-A/C Cabriolets are more rare than A/C-equipped Cabriolets. On the flip side, air conditioning was a very expensive option outside the States and, in most instances, not really necessary.

All of that being said, if anyone in the USA requires A/C but has found a fabulous Cabriolet to buy without A/C, keep looking. Swapping A/C into a non-A/C car just simply isn't worth the expense or the trouble. If you already own a Cabriolet and want to install A/C, look into all of your options. Anything is possible, as the saying goes, but installing A/C is a somewhat complicated endeavor.