Updated: 11-Jul-2023

Model years: 1984-1986

Locales: Europe UK

Model Information

Black Edition

Sonder is German for special. Thus, these are special models, offered at the beginning of Summer 1984.

All Sonders shown here were produced in very limited number for the '84/'85 model year, except for Helios, which continued through 1986.

Almond Beige and Firnblau are extremely rare, if Volkswagen even ever put these two colors into production. While Havanna Brown Metallic paint is not rare, this particular sondermodell is.

The Havanna and Helios Blue Sondermodells are not to be confused with the 1985 Havanna and Azur models; the latter two come with completely different interiors from the Sonders.

Volkswagen gave the Helios Blue Sondermodell the nickname "Mr. Moon" in January 1986 and sold it in the UK as well (as a GTI).

While the Sonder brochure shows and lists white and black special models, these are listed on their own respective pages: White Edition, Black Edition.

Model Rarity:

Original MSRP




(Helios Blue)







  • GL:
    • Engine:
      • EW, EX with carburetor
      • JH with K-Jetronic fuel injection
    • Transmission:
      • 4R 4-speed manual (EW)
      • 4T 5-speed manual (EW, EX)
      • 9A 5-speed manual (JH)
  • GLI/GTI:
    • Engine: DX with K-Jetronic fuel injection
    • Transmission: 9A 5-speed manual


  • Vinyl convertible top
    • Havanna Brown options: Beige or brown
    • Almond Beige: Light Beige
    • Helios Blue: Dark blue
    • Firnblau: Dark blue
  • Vinyl convertible top boot
    • Havanna Brown: Brown or beige
    • Almond Beige: Beige
    • Helios Blue: Dark
    • Firnblau: Dark blue
  • Dual-round headlight grille
  • Havanna and Helios equipped with chrome-trimmed color-matched bumpers
  • Color-matched fender flares (black on Almond and Firnblau)
  • Alloy wheels
    • 13" Tarantula alloy wheels for Almond Beige and Firnblau
    • 14" Avus alloy wheels, color-matched to Helios & Havanna

Interior & Electrical

  • Interior Code: 03 (Helios Blue, Firnblau)
  • Interior Code: ?? (Havanna, Almond Beige)
  • Front sports seats with height adjust
  • MFA instrument cluster with DX engine
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearshift boot
  • Gamma stereo radio



  • 3-speed automatic transmission
    • TKA (EW)
    • TJA (EX)
    • TNA (JH)


  • Cruise control
  • Air conditioning
  • Power steering

Interior & Electrical

  • Stereo-cassette radio

Color Combinations

Havanna Brown Metallic, LK8Y

Black Edition front
Top boot color: Brown or beige
Black Edition rear
Top color: Brown or beige (not shown)
photo needed
Interior Code: ??

Almond Beige Metallic, LY1Y

Black Edition front
Top boot color: Beige
Helios rear
Top color: Beige
photo needed
Interior Code: ??

Helios Blue Metallic, LA5Y

Helios front
Top boot color: Dark blue
Helios rear
Top color: Dark blue
interior 03
Interior Code: 03

Firnblau, LK5B

Firnblau front
Top boot color: Dark blue
Helios rear
Top color: Dark blue
interior 03
Interior Code: 03

Model Rarity Rating Key:
Very Common
Very Common
Unicorn Rare
Unicorn Rare