Updated: 11-Jul-2023

Special interior for the Etienne Aigner model. The Etienne Aigner logo is embossed on all cloth surfaces. While designer Gunhild Liljequist was quite proud of this interior, even she acknowledged in an interview that the gold horseshoe logos were often stolen. Or were they? With the top down on a sunny day, these metal ornaments would turn into veritable branding irons. Many owners wanted to stop the burning and, thus, removed the logos. A little oversight on Ms. Liljequist's part; a better option would have been to embroider the logos with gold thread.



Interior Code: 09

Front Seat Type: Sport bucket

Material: Cloth

Carpet Color: Dark blue

Dash Color: Black

Kneebar Color: Black

Headliner Color: White

Top Boot Color: Blue

Locations: USAEurope

Model Years: 1990-1991

Model(s): Etienne Aigner

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09 front
09 front
09 rear
09 dash
09 panel
09 boot
09 detail

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Unicorn Rare