Updated: 11-Jul-2023

Parts Suppliers

General Replacement Parts

Ballenger Motorsports elec. connectors
Mk1 Autohaus
Watercooled Keys - replacement keys
Wunderkar Canada

Volkswagen Parts Outlet Center (list of official VW dealer parts at steep discounts)

Aftermarket & Performance Parts

Missing Linkz - short shifter parts


For convertible top parts suppliers, please refer to the Convertible Top page.


CoverCraft (car covers)
CoverKing (car covers)
Nashbar (bike racks)
Performance Bike (bike racks)
Roadworksauto.com (Lloyds Mats)
Saris Products (bike racks)

Body Styling & Kits

Wheels & Tires

Used Parts Sources

Toys & Scale Models

Owner's Manuals

Alldata (recalls, technical bulletins, etc.)
Partsvoice (search for OEM parts and which USA VW dealers have them)

VW Parts Numbers Explained

Part Number Breakdown

ETKA Parts Catalog

ETKA software, made by LexCom GmbH, is/was used by VW/Audi dealerships to look up parts and their respective part numbers and prices; ETKA provides illustrations for virtually all parts and accessories of all VWs. This software is available to the public and is available through VW dealers at a hefty cost. eBay sellers often have ETKA CDs for sale, but buyer beware: these CDs are really bootleg copies of the actual software and are often not for North American models (majority are sold from European locales) and require a certain screen resolution and may require additional software files to run properly; be sure the CD will work on your computer prior to purchasing.

If you'd rather not buy ETKA, you can always visit the following free-to-use sites:

7zap (ad supported; not mobile-friendly)