Updated: 11-Jul-2023

Recalls never expire; however, there is a time-limit for getting the recall work performed at no cost to you.

Your car must be 10 years old or younger on the date the recall defect was discovered; the car's age is calculated from the first date of purchase. This means that no 1980-1993 Cabriolet qualifies today for free repair work of the defects listed below.

According to the NHTSA, dealers and manufacturers are not legally obligated to do the corrective repairs for free. To put it another way: If you take your Cabriolet to your local Volkswagen dealer, the dealer may agree to perform the work, but the dealer is under no legal obligation to perform those repairs for free and may (will, is more likely) charge you for the repairs. This list of recalls is presented here for historical documentation purposes only. If you're wanting to know if your car has had recall work performed, have your VIN handy and contact Volkswagen of America (1-800-822-8987).

Recall Stats

Affected Parts

  • Fuel Pump
  • Brake Hoses
  • Fuel Transfer Pump
  • Fuel Tank
  • Airbag Wiring
  • Headlight Switch
  • Rain Tray
  • Fuel Hose
  • Control Arms

Car Years & Number of Recalls

  • 1980: 1
  • 1981: 1
  • 1982: 1
  • 1983: 1
  • 1984: 1
  • 1985: 1
  • 1986: 1
  • 1987: 2
  • 1988: 1
  • 1989: 1
  • 1990: 5
  • 1991: 3
  • 1992: 1

Car Year: 1980, 1981, 1982

Recall number: 83V117000

Recall code: ?

Defect Description: The fuel pump may stop functioning without warning. This can occur because an electrical connector in the fuse panel may overheat and interrupt the electrical circuit.

Corrective Action: Dealer will inspect the fuse box and its connectors for corrosion, and correct where necessary. A bypass adapter (part #171971761B) to the fuel pump electrical circuit will be installed.

Car Year: 1983, 1984

Recall number: 85V099000

Recall code: NS

Affected part: Brake hoses

Defect Description: Under adverse weather conditions, outer rubber layer of brakes houses may become brittle and develop cracks.

Consequence of Defect: Cracks could lead to loss of brake fluid resulting in an increase in stopping distance and possibly an accident.

Corrective Action: Replace brakes hoses as necessary.

Car Year: 1985, 1986, 1987

Recall number: 87V053000

Recall code: ?

Affected part: Fuel transfer (in-tank) pump

Defect Description: Fuel pump, located inside fuel tank, could seize during high ambient temperatures because of an extreme fine mesh fuel filter restricting the fuel flow.

Consequence of Defect: Fuel supply to engine would be partially interrupted, resulting in stalling.

Corrective Action: Install a modified fuel pump and filter.

Car Year: 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990

Recall number: 91V201000

Recall code: RS

Recall number: 94V065000

Recall code:

Affected part: Fuel tank

Defect Description: A crack can develop in the fuel tank adjacent to a seam weld in the rear of the tank.

Consequence of Defect: Fuel can leak from the cracked fuel tank which could catch fire in the presence of a source of ignition.

Corrective Action: Dealers will check the vehicle with a specially designed tool for the presence of a tank crack, and replace the fuel tank if the defect is present.

Car Year: 1990

Recall number: 91V215000

Recall code: ?

Affected part: Airbag wiring

Defect Description: The airbag harness wire may have been improperly routed through an opening in the dashboard cross-member and could be pinched and chafed between two panels, eventually resulting in damage to the wire.

Consequence of Defect: If the airbag harness wire is damaged, the passive restraint system will become inoperative. The dashboard warning light will illuminate, but the passive restraint will not function until the wire is repaired.

Corrective Action: Secure wire to the cross-member with a clip.

Recall number: ?

Recall code: QY

Affected part: Headlight switch

Defect Description: unknown

Consequence of Defect: unknown

Corrective Action: Modification of headlight switch.

Car Year: 1990, 1991

Recall number: 91V162000

Recall code: RH

Affected part: Metal Rain Tray Panel

Defect Description: The center of the water separator panel located in the engine compartment between engine and firewall could bend in the event someone leans on it during engine maintenance, repairs or checking of fluid levels. A bent panel could interfere with the free movement of the accelerator linkage.

Consequence of Defect: Interference with the free movement of the accelerator linkage could result in unwanted acceleration which may cause an accident.

Corrective Action: Install reinforcement bracket to secure separator panel.

Car Year: 1990, 1991, 1992

Recall number: 92V058000

Recall code: SA

Affected part: Fuel hose

Defect Description: The fuel hose attached to the fuel distribution rail on the engine may shrink beyond the clamp force of the fuel hose clamps, allowing fuel to leak.

Consequence of Defect: Fuel leakage in the engine compartment can cause an under-hood fire if the fuel comes in contact with a source of ignition.

Corrective Action: Replace the fuel hose attached to the fuel rail and install a new spring type self-tightening clamp.

Car Year: 1991

Recall number: 92V064000

Recall code: RU

Affected part: Control arms

Defect Description: The track control arms used to support the front wheels were improperly welded in the area of the flexible bushing mounting hole. This causes a gradual opening of the mounting hole and loosening of the bushing.

Consequence of Defect: The enlarged opening of the mounting hole results in front wheel misalignment causing steering pull with the potential for an accident.

Corrective Action: Dealers will inspect and replace the front suspension control arms where necessary.