Updated: 11-Jul-2023

Order form will return Fall/Winter 2023.

Boot Storage Bag

Tired of your Cabriolet's top boot (aka cover) just flopping around loose in the trunk? This item is for you! This boot storage bag keeps your top's cover folded and clean when not in use!

black storage bagbeige storage bag


  1. Storage bags that are in stock and ready to ship are listed below. If your desired bag is not currently available, you can still purchase it using the order form below; however, please allow up to 1 week for production.
  2. Storage bags must be folded for shipping and will, unfortunately, have creases.
  3. These storage bags are for 1979-1993 Cabriolets only.


Item location: USA

Ships to: North America, Europe, Oceania

Shipping & handling included in product price