Updated: 27-Feb-2024


Complete transmission specifications for all Cabriolets:

Axle Flanges

The above is for factory-original equipment. Verify what your car has before buying parts. See the above transmission specifications guide for further information.

Transmission Code

The transmission code can be found on the bottom of the transmission bell-housing and is broken down as such:

9A 23 10 5
Transmission Code Day of Manufacture Month of Manufacture Year of Manufacture
The above 9A transmission was built October 23, 1985.

020 Manual Transmission

Maintenance, Repair Guides & Troubleshooting

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General Information

The big hole on top: This is where you access the timing marks on the flywheel in order to check and set the engine/ignition timing.

Fluid level: Should be even with the bottom of the fill hole, or until it begins to run out of the hole.

Shifter/shift knob thread size: 12mmx1.50

Clutch in at red lights? Keeping the clutch pedal pressed in at red lights is not necessarily a bad thing, but it puts more wear and tear on the throw-out bearing.

Using the transmission to hold the car while stopped on a hill? Don't do it, unless you can afford to replace the clutch at regular intervals. Please use your brakes when stopped on a hill.

010 Automatic Transmission

Repair Guides & Troubleshooting

010 factory ignition starter Technical Service Bulletin:

010 factory troubleshooting manual:

010 service manual:


General Information

Shifter/shift knob set screw: 2.5mm Allen

Repair & rebuild parts

Transmission Fluids

Change the fluids every 30,000-60,000 miles.

020 Manual Transmission

OEM fluid: SAE 80W hypoid oil; API service GL-4; Mil-L-2105

Recommended by other VW owners:

Not recommended:

GL-4 vs. GL-5: According to a transmission rebuilder, when GL-5 synthetic gear oils were first introduced (back in the air-cooled VW days), they contained high amounts of reactive sulfur harmful to yellow metals, such as the brass components in early VW transmissions. Volkswagen then began moly-coating their transmission synchros in the late '60s/early '70s; when moly-coated, reactive sulfur cannot harm the rings. So, theoretically, and according to the expert, modern GL-5 gear oils (now which most contain no or low reactive sulfur) should be fine to use in your Cabriolet. However, with GL-4 oils still being produced (albeit not readily locally available these days), it's wise to stick with the fluid type Volkswagen originally recommended.

Capacity: 2.0 L / 2.1 quarts

010 Automatic Transmission

Transmission ATF

ATF color chart

Final Drive Gear Oil

Speedometer Drive Gears

Red Speedometer Gear

White Speedometer Gear

Green Speedometer Gear

Drive gears are sold separately from the speedometer cables.

Drive gear securing ring part number: N 900 154 01

Help Icons No AttributionWhat if the speedometer cable gear has fallen into the transmission? Do your best to get it out. A lot of folks have never had issues with roving speedo gears, while others have needed repair work due to the gear (or parts of it) getting jammed into transmission components. Don't become a victim of the latter.


Clutch Freeplay Specifications

Clutch lever freeplay: 6mm (1/4")
Clutch cable freeplay at adjusting disc: 12mm (1/2")

Help Icons No AttributionStiff Clutch Pedal

If the clutch pedal is difficult to press, replace the clutch cable (don't bother trying to adjust it; it's a $16 part... buy it, install it, adjust it to specs and drive happily ever after). While you're at it, inspect the clutch cable carrier tube at the firewall (this tube can fail if the cable is not adjusted at regular intervals and/or if a stiff cable is allowed to saw through its protective sheath). If the tube is found to be broken, it'll need to be repaired.

Help Icons No AttributionClutch Pedal Went to the Floor